I shot these back in June, in the “Felix Pakhuis” in Antwerp. It was terribly hot so I was glad I had some very portable lights. I tested my Ranger Quadra for the first time that day… Since then we’re inseparable!
And Maarten did a great job for a first-timer.

Model: Maarten
MUA: Daisy Vermandel


MUA Daisy Vermandel & Obskur.
Models from left to right  Elvire, Inge, Maria, Caroline, Lynn & Sabina

Hexad. The 6. Women, mythologie & symbols have given shape to this serie, together with countless hours to determine the personnaes, the clothing, the location, the models and so many more hours to coordinate it all.

Two shoots were planned, and the weather couldn’t have been more opposite. For the first, the temperature went over the 30° while the rain threatened to pour on the second! I suffered bug bites on the first (note to self, no shorts when going in the wild), on the second I drenched my jeans and shoes to shoot Lynn in the pond (thank you Lynn for going in first)… I had fun with old friends and enjoyed the company of new ones…

I really enjoyed taking these, so enjoy watching them!

Thank you Daisy, Elvire, Inge, Maria, Obskur MUA, Caroline, Lynn, Sabina & Erna.