I have been working together with Ordal for a few years now, for their product photography and their lifestyle images. They have given me great freedom in question of style, location, models… and I’ve enjoyed every session!

Brussels Airport

Last summer, I worked with Brussels Airport to create series of images to illustrate the corona safety regulations and the impact on the airport at various locations (check-in, shop,…)

Port of Antwerp – Summer activities

This summer, the Port of Antwerp organised summer activities, bike trails, nature walks & of course, a visit to the Havenhuis. The day we had picked well in advance for the session was a typical Belgian weather day – rather wet! But the family had fun and so did I.

KMO Dynamoo – Boek een Tuinman

Together with content marketing agency KMO Dynamoo I made a series of images for the website “Boek een Tuinman” (Hire a gardener). Each team of gardeners posed, in action or with their vehicle. It was a great sunny day and it was well organised and seriously packed. At the end of the day, I was […]


This was my very first collaboration with Viapass. The assignment? Provide images of their offices to use in their annual year report – great graphical images were made, still with a touch of presence (a bit of life is always nice in architecture photography). The bright yellow lines were used in the layout to support […]

Real Estate photography

This is one of the properties I photographed for a high-end Real Estate agent. His approach to selling the properties is to focus on the story of the owners and this was reflected in a lot of detailed pictures that captured the mood of the house. The whole session holds more than a hundred selected […]