Snubbing Lanvin for H&M

What kind of person buys the Designer for H&M range? And don’t tell me it’s people interested in fashion but with not enough money to afford the real stuff… Cause I don’t believe that.
If you’re interested in fashion and you have taste, you can find your style at any price. Don’t waste your money on these collections, be resourceful, be imaginative and please, don’t be a sheep.

Last weekend, I’ve been looking online for an evening dress (I have this special evening in December) And yes, OK, I can spend a bit of money on it. But one thing is for sure, I will not spend 200 euros on a Lanvin for H&M dress.
Look at alternatives, they’ll usually have a better quality, better cuts and will be more original. And you won’t be remembered as “the girl with the Lanvin for H&M dress anno 2010”. And don’t get me started over the shoes 🙂

Above all, it’s not worth being stabbed for (New York, last Saturday).

2 thoughts

  1. Still, those things are usually hugely possible, just because it is a capital D designer (and some of those designs ARE really cool and they are very limited.
    I’ve seen plenty of queues at the H&M around the corner 🙂
    And there are usually a good investment as well, as I know those things sell at silly prices on E-bay and such… So even if you can only wear it once before being recognized as ‘oh, (s)he is wearing that H&M thing again’, you can sell it at a profit.
    Sounds like a win to me 🙂

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