Today on my desk – Moo cards

Being a photographer and an Art Director is not always a good thing.
I’ve been toying with an idea for new business cards for months: choice of paper, choice of font, brand style, minimalistic, perforated, cut, drilled, metallic inks… I couldn’t choose.
And on top of that, I was confronted with the costs too, let’s be reasonable here: I was gonna hand out cards at 3 euros a pop!

So in the end, I asked myself what I wanted people to remember me by. I think my work can be described as very varied, and I think that’s a plus. Is a 3 euro minimalistic business card really reflecting that? I didn’t think so.

I found Moo by accident, but loved their site, tone of voice and products (I found out later that they also have a great customer service).
Moo allows you to print business cards where one side remains constant, while on the other side, you choose how many different images you want. It’s a great idea for a photographer since you can display your work, and let your customer choose their favorite. I’ll be updating my cards on a regular basis, as my portfolio changes.

So today on my desk: my Moo business cards!