Supergoods SS14

I shot this SS14 collection of Supergoods ecodesign store in awesome Belgian weather – read: cold and windy, not the one we’re having right now 😉 This meant models wrapped in blankets/bathrobes/blanket/clothes, freezing hairdressers doubling as weights for the lights – I said it was windy – warm coffee and lots of jumping around. Eco-friendly also means no jet-setting around the world to a warm island for a summer shoot…

It was a great shoot despite the weather, thanks to the great team that made it work: Salon Mo’na (for the model’s hair and make-up), Charlotte Claesen (for the styling) and of course Supergoods store for all the clothes and accessories.

Here are a few behind the screen shots, you can find a selection of the editorial here.

Supergoods SS14 Supergoods SS14 Supergoods SS14 Supergoods SS14

On Display (1)

I’ve started this new project and decided to call it “On Display”.
In Belgium (I guess in other parts of the world, it’s a common thing too), when shops have been abandoned, their front window is often covered up with paper, or other things… It’s messy, it’s ugly and serves no purpose. Nowadays, some owners (and people who now live in those shops), have decided to decorate the shop, sometimes, as if it was their living room, sometimes just a mix of insane objects. So I’ve decided to add an extra layer to that.

Starting this series is a window in Kontich (Belgium), where the Royal Auto Moto Club Contich (website here) has taken over the window with their ancient motorcycles! I drove by and couldn’t resist their mix and match of bikes and living room elements.

I chose for the shoot Lai-Jin, an extremely enthousiastic model with THE face for the shoot, make-up was provided last minute by Nora Noah Wuytack and was spot on!

The dress & boots were provided by The Public Image, a very fun clothes shop in Antwerp with lots of young and unknown designers and very pretty flashy colors, pay them a visit!

Thank you all for your contribution and onwards to the next one!