EDIT: I’m very happy to announce that my ‘Hendrik’ came in second place in the Straffe Artists contest! The winning works will be reproduced and exhibited in exclusive bars all around the world.

I love contests.
Love the brainstorm about the topic, the search for models, location and clothes, seeing the image take shape in my mind and working towards translating it in pixels: it’s exciting and scary at the same time, will it ‘work’?

In the case of the Straffe Artists contest of the Halve Maan (a beer brewery in Bruges) it was made even harder by my stubbornness in finding ‘Hendrik’, the man the Straffe Hendrik beer was named after. Luckily, with the help of social networks and my fitness club, I found the perfect man for the job! Thanks to his collaboration and Studio Swelvet (Design studio in Mechelen: www.swelvet.com) who provided the 4 friends and the great location I made this ‘tableau’ of Hendrik, the Strong 🙂

Out of 300 artworks, my ‘Hendrik’ got selected for the finals, together with 14 other works! On the 24th of May, during the exhibition in Bruges, 3 prices will be awarded! Can’t wait, can’t waaaaaait!

Eté des portraits – Bourbon-Lancy

L’été des portraits is a great initiative. For the whole summer, more than 1500 photographic portraits are being displayed in the streets and buildings of a small french town: Bourbon-Lancy.

I have selected these 3 portraits this year. It was not an easy choice, especially when combining images that are not originally part of a serie. The ballerina is one of my favourite images of last year and the two others complement perfectly its ethereal aspect.

MUA Daisy Vermandel
Models Kathleen, Nini, Puck

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, make a small detour, it’s worth it!
Eté des portraits