Louise Night 30/09

Last night I was at the Louise Night for an evening of shopping in the fanciest neighborhood of Brussels. I would have loved to be at the Fashion Night Out in London in September, but this kind of satisfied my need for fashion & bubbles!
As my tweet said yesterday “#TodayImWearing Gap beige military roll up cotton pants, brown heeled hiker boots, white shirt and @Burberry aviator jacket ♥” and so I was.

What I loved about it was the atmosphere in every shop, people talked, shop assistant to customer, customer to customer, very relaxed, no rush, no push. Chanel was brilliant, got nails done there and grabbed one of the limited edition “Khaki brun” polish, perfect fit with the aviator jacket. I also got a darkblue Mayfair Hackett tie for my boyfriend who sadly couldn’t be present. I also visited the brand new Burberry shop, it has a nicer collection than the one in Antwerp but still pales in comparison with those in London.

I’ve not been in every shop/venue. There were about three hundred locations and that was a bit much for a few hours. Especially if you’re having a drink in every shop (make a mental note for the next edition: rent a room at the Sofitel, have champagne in every shop and have midnight food in the Crystal Lounge)

Great initiative, we want more!

The A/W 2010 jacket

London, day 1.

Since end of July, I have been drooling all over any ad, catwalk photo or edit featuring this amazing shearling aviator jacket by Burberry Prorsum.
So when we got to London, one of the first things we did was checking out all Burberry stores in the center (Regent Street, Bond Street): no luck.

Then we headed to Liberty’s where I try on a nice Rick Owens jacket and a terrible Acne version of the Shearling aviator jacket, it’s not looking good, it’s big, it’s shapeless… But I secretly hope that ‘the one’ will be different.

Since the jacket I’m looking for sold out on net-a-porter in a few days,  I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it hanging in the Burberry store in Selfridges!

I’m afraid to try it on, and I’m right to be: it fits like a glove and it looks awesome (the over-sized collar is wow, the materials are gorgeous and the model is cinched at the waist making the aviator jacket more feminine than ever). Last one in my size in the whole of England, oh my. All I need is the “Just get it” from my approving boyfriend’s lips and I do. 

I remember Coraline (the friendly french girl at Burberry’s) saying something like “You can bring it back in the 14 days if you change your mind” and the boyfriend thinking “oh, no, not gonna happen”.

This jacket is mine!
Waiting for the temperature to drop under 15°C, surely, it’s ok to wear shearling then.